About Shiybah&Shamar

Shiybah & Shamar is a vibrant community for brown/indigenous people to gather, learn, and return to applying regenerative and communal principles to their lives.

Our goal is to continuously create healing and empowering structures in our lifestyle, cultural practices, and communities with the values and principles that promote the regeneration of the earth and its peoples.

Some of the ways we accomplish this is by providing educational materials, cultural products, and skill sharing.

We also provide an opportunity to develop cultural arts projects within a communal and regenerative framework.

And lastly, an uplifting and safe space to share, grow, and enjoy for all who come to the gatherings.

Our approach is an emphasis on practice and production vs. theory and consumerism, making sure we live out what we truly desire and comprehend as the wise path in creating our present and future.

Shiybah & Shamar Goals

Create healing and empowering structures in our personal lives and within our communities

Learn and Apply skills in 3 focus areas of Communal and Regenerative Living:

  • Self- Mastery– Knowing self and how best to care for and optimize your inherent holistic capabilities for wellness and empowerment.

  • Cultural Redevelopment/Revitilization– critical analysis of cultural practices that should be continued/ or discontinued with the addition of new cultural creations within a renewed paradigm of holism and sustainability.Cultural Productivity is a top priority.

  • Environmental Stewardship– Accepting the gift and responsibility of being caretakers of the earth to support life and regeneration as our wealth instead of death and degeneration as individuals and a collective.

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